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LaJuana Hall

School: Madison

Sport Played: Track and Field

High School Honors: 4-year letter winner as a sprinter, winning the State 100-m dash as a sophomore, second in junior & senior years; second in 200-m as a sophomore; second in the 400 and Mile Relays as a senior while team finished second. As a senior in the Centennial Invitational she anchored the winning 400-m Relay and won the 100-m dash.

Post High School Career: Working at Nabisco since graduation.


I am so honored and blessed to be a 2014 HOF Inductee. I first want to thank God for the natural talent and gift that he has blessed me with.

My inspiration in becoming a track and field sprinter is watching Evelyn Ashford conquer the sprint world in my high school years. I knew I had a little talent, so I wanted to be just like her.

My biggest cheerleader was my Dad. I'll never forget a conversation we had and I apply it to anything I do. He said "Babygirl, I don't care what you do, ALWAYS give it your ALL and be the BEST at it." Well Daddy I think I've accomplished that... I'm sure he's smiling down saying "That's My Babygirl."

I have to stand up and give a round of applause to my mentor, Mr. Leon Lincoln, for pushing me to be the best, picking me up EVERY morning at 5:30 am to go put in work. (I was so tired;) His consistency, turned into my motivation, which then turned into discipline, and I believe that's what made me a Winner! I really love and appreciate all that he did for me. Thank You!

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