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2012 PIL Hall of Fame Celebration of Champions

Spring PIL Awards and Champions Ceremony

The 2012 PIL Hall of Fame Celebration of Champions was held in the Tiger Woods center on the Nike campus in May, 2012.

Celebration of Champions Scholar-Athlete Recognition Banquet - PIL Hall of Fame

This is the occasion on which outstanding PIL scholar/athletes and PIL coaches are honored and recognized for their contributions to the entire PIL athletic program.

2012 Coach of the Year Award 2012 Assistant Coach of the Year Award
Benson Fred Wong Isaiah Clark
Cleveland Suzanne Washington Jered Buerkle
Franklin Gina Aman Derek Davis
Grant Diallo Lewis Erik Miller
Jefferson Asnegashe Yelma Pierre DuBoise
Lincoln Dennis Muir Christina Archambault
Madison Kurt Krohn Erin McNulty
Roosevelt Christian Swain Karey Osuna
Wilson Kent Dorsey Aaron Olsen

2012 Paul McCall Award Recipient
Kurt Krohn - Madison HS

2012 Ron Pheister Award Recipient
Jared Buerkle - Cleveland HS

2012 Marsha Richard Coach of the Year
Suzanne Washington - Cleveland HS

2012 Athletic Director of the Year Award
Jeff Peeler - Lincoln HS

2012 Robert Blanchard Distinguished Service Award
Bruce Alton

PIL Hall of Fame 2012 Sportsman of the Year Award
Sportsman Sportswoman
Benson Daniel Wallberg Winnie Liu
Cleveland Andy Morrison Lydia Anderson
Franklin Josh Nine Zoe Chrisman-Miller
Grant Ben Criswell Cheyenne Lever
Jefferson Raymond Burney Sa'Korya Campbell
Lincoln Spencer Rotenberg Claire DeVoe
Madison Nykell Hunter Justine Mimms
Roosevelt Juan Montoya Asia Greene
Wilson Johnny Hergert Kate Loftus

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