Photo of Walt Hopkins

Walt HopkinsWalt Hopkins

Photo of Walt Hopkins
School: Roosevelt Graduation Year: 1963

Year Inducted: 2016

Sports Played: Football, Basketball, Baseball

High School Honors: 3-year Football Letterman. PIL 1st Team, Senior.

2-year Basketball Letterman.

3-year Baseball Letterman. PIL 2nd Team, .400+ batting average, Senior; Connie Mack State Champions, 1963.

Post High School Career: Nordstrom Buyer, Manager and Sales for nearly 50 years in Portland. Joins brother, Jim Roberts, Roosevelt 2005, in the PIL Hall of Fame.


I grew up playing sports from age eight through high school. It was so much more than just a game to me. It taught me how to win, how to lose, camaraderie, and commitment. I have long lasting friendships that developed with my teammates, coaches and even some opponents. I continued to play golf for over 40 years with my coach Ralph Bergstrum. He was a great inspiration to me, as well as my parents who supported me year after year.