Photo of Bob Woodle

Bob WoodleBob Woodle

Photo of Bob Woodle
School: Benson Graduation Year: 1959

Year Inducted: 2006

Sports Played: Basketball, Baseball, Golf

High School Honors: Basketball (3 letters, all-PIL as a senior, captain) Baseball (3 letters, 2nd team all-PILas a senior, captain) Golf (4 letters), Co-Valedictorian

Post High School Career: Willamette University. Golf (4 letters, All-NWC, All-NAIA Dist. 2; NAIA Little All-American, ’63, 7th place in Nationals) Basketball (3 letters, 2nd team All-NWC); NAIA District 2 Hall of Fame, 1976; Willamette University Hall of Fame, 1995; Benson High Hall of Fame, 2000.


Someone once said that “God gave us memories so we might have roses in December.” When “reflections on achievement” are pooled, as they are in this CyberMuseum, the fragrance lasts forever.

I was blessed in 2006 to speak on behalf of the inductee class. Over six hours I conversed with 36 inductees about “lessons from the playing field learned & applied to their lives.” Their input is likely representative of the entire Hall of Fame…traits I resonated with such as:

  • Passion for their athletic pursuits developed early, described in words like “tenacious and relentless.”
  • Before the time of more organized teams, local playgrounds were the hotbeds of budding competition. Modern distractions were at a minimum; the thing to do was meet with your buddies at the park.
  • Once in an organized, coached setting, “hard work” was frequently hailed as the ingredient leading to stardom along with a “never give up” mentality.
  • Developing teamwork and relationship skills serves well beyond the playing field.
  • Most had a deep respect for their coaches and learned early to heed their direction.
  • Having goals and learning how to compete translates into nearly any endeavor.
  • Playing by the rules and having a built-in laboratory for decision making goes a long way in character development.
  • Fruit from encouragement and a positive attitude is attractive no matter the field.
  • Athletic involvement is great for “self discovery,” building esteem and confidence.
  • Athletics serves as wonderful training for confronting and playing through adversity, something in life that swallows the less resilient.
  • Athletics is often a gate to college scholarships, in fewer cases drafting by professional teams; and more often leading to expanded horizons throughout the country and world.
  • Many life-long friendships were launched and everyone can cite at least one person whose support and encouragement was instrumental in their achievement.

Early on, I found a slogan that I taped to the ceiling over my bed. It read: “A great player is pleasing to the eyes of spectators because he is seen in the reflected light of teammates whom he has helped to shine.” That describes my fellow Hall of Fame members in their playing days and continues to inspire others to shine by the legacy they share through this Cyber Museum. Another posting at age 11 continues to inspire: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but in all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” -Prov. 3:5-6.

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