Photo of Dominique Merriweather

Dominique MerriweatherDominique Merriweather

Photo of Dominique Merriweather
School: Benson Graduation Year: 1993

Year Inducted: 2013

Sports Played: Football, Track and Field

High School Honors: Football: 2-year letter winner. Track & Field: 3-year letter winner; 200 Meter City and State Champion as a Junior; 400m City Championship and 2nd in State in the 200m and 400m as a senior.

Post High School Career: Ran on the University of Nevada track team as a Freshman. Assistant Track Coach at Benson High School from 1997-2011, during which he coached the women sprinters during a 6-year run as State Track Champs. Current Board Chair of Leadership Clark County and Albina Road Runners Board Member. Former Board Member of the Inner City Sports Ministries and the Clark County YMCA.


My experiences as a member’s of Benson’s track team has left me with many lessons, memories, friendships and inspirations that I carry with me today. The credo that I’ve carried throughout my track career, was that it was always about the team, the team, the team! It was our team’s success that drove my competitiveness.

I am both proud and taken aback that my athletic achievements place me among some great athletes. My gratitude extends to many people who played important roles in my successes at Benson.

  • My Family — in particular, my grandmother for allowing me to pursue the one thing that I loved—running. To my mom, for her undying support. Words cannot express the joys that overcame me hearing her screaming voice as I raced towards the finish line.
  • Coach Leon McKenzie — As head coach you encouraged me to be the best that I could be both on and off the athletic field. You became the most positive and influential male figure in my life and for that, I am eternally grateful.
  • Coach John Mays — you conditioned me to reach highs unimaginable; you also kept me grounded and prepared me for the lows. I tried to never take for granted your desire to see me go beyond myself and I thank you for keeping me focused on the WAR and not the battles.
  • LaVon Pierce — You exemplified the true essence of a champion, THE ONE that I looked up to and tried to emulate in my approach to competition.
  • Kory Murphy — I thank you for being a great leader. Your encouragement of me to reach for my full potential, despite my youth and small stature, was something that I’ve never forgotten.
  • Finally my biggest thanks go to my teammates, the guys that I stood by in the fox hole that was a “Benson” practice. You all have left permanent and profound memories in my life and without you those memories of my athletic accomplishments on the track would be somewhat fruitless.

As you can see, I had a lot of help and good fortune in reaching the honor of being inducted into the PIL Athletic Hall of Fame. I receive a great amount of joy coaching track and field with the hope of passing down some of the great fortune and experiences that I’ve had to the next generation.

Vocationally, I’m VP of Commercial Lending, Umpqua Bank.

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