Mark Hoisington

Mark HoisingtonMark Hoisington

Mark Hoisington
School: Benson Graduation Year: 1975

Year Inducted: 2014

Sports Played: Basketball, Baseball

High School Honors: 4-year Basketball letter winner, All-PIL in junior & senior years, All-State as a junior; All-Tournament 1st team as junior and 2nd team as senior; on State championship teams as sophomore and junior. 1-year letter winner in Baseball.

Post High School Career: Basketball at University of Southern California. 3- year letter winner in basketball; 10th in all-time field goal percentage (51.21), best defensive player, 1978, and Most Improved Player, 1977. Career in manufacturing, first as a Project Engineer and into management. The areas of work have been in Aerospace, Machining and Pharmaceutical production. All total around 35 years in manufacturing. I very much enjoy the challenges related to manufacturing and working with people. My career has taken me from Southern California to South Carolina, where I now live with my wife and two daughters.


My father set the foundation for my younger years in sports. I learned just because I was the coach’s son things weren’t going to be easy. I had to work hard just like everyone else on the team. My father also taught me long before it became a buzzword about empowerment. It was a big decision for me when it came down to either going to my father’s alma mater or to Benson Tech. Somehow he could tell the decision was weighing on me. He took me aside and told me that I needed to make my decision on what I wanted, and not what I thought he wanted of me. He was a man who guided me but did not control me. He taught me that sports were much more than just a game and the lessons I have learned I’ve applied throughout my own work and personal life.

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