Photo of Bruce Elwood

Bruce ElwoodBruce Elwood

Photo of Bruce Elwood
School: Jackson Graduation Year: 1978

Year Inducted: 2019

Sports Played: Wrestling, Gymnastics

High School Honors: 4 Wrestling letters. PIL champion as Junior 115 lbs; as Senior 123
3 Gymnastics letters. PIL All-Around Champion as Senior.

Post High School Career: Gymnastics Scholarship to Portland State University; earned BA
Degree in communications from Wheaton College, 1984; teaching
certificate from PSU. Taught at Beaverton High School for 4 years.
1989 Oregon Coach of the Year for Men’s Gymnastics. Co-opened
the Metro Gymnastics Center in Tualatin 1990; reached 800 students
and 15 staff members. In 1996, moved to Kelowna, BC. Currently
owns and operates Kelowna Gymnastix with two locations, 2500
members and 30 staff.


My high school sports experience has played an influential role in shaping me as a person, establishing my career path and planting a desire in me to pass on what was given to me. My athletic involvement during my four years at Jackson High School was instrumental in building my character and boosting my confidence.

Though I entered high school with an athletic background, I was small in stature at 98lbs as a freshman. I needed to find a place where I could develop. I found what I needed in coaches who saw potential in me! My great coaches (Doug Hills/Gymnastics) and (Jerry Lyons/Wrestling) saw my desire and recognized my potential to be a successful athlete. They were not only able to achieve fast results in my athletic skills but taught me to become a team player and leader. I pursued collegiate athletics because of their engaged involvement and counsel. I became a teacher and coach because of their model: a passion for kids and the sports they coached.

Over the past four decades, I have had the privilege of coaching over 10,000 kids, passing on what I learned from my coaches and the experience they created.

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