Photo of Terry Barnes

Terry BarnesTerry Barnes

Photo of Terry Barnes
School: Jackson Graduation Year: 1982

Year Inducted: 2016

Sports Played: Football, Basketball, Baseball

High School Honors: 3-year Football Letterman. PIL 2nd Team, Senior. 3-year Basketball Letterman. 3-year Baseball Letterman. PIL 1st Team, Junior, Senior.

Post High School Career: Mt. Hood Community College, 2-year Mt. Hood Community College, 2-year Baseball Letterman. Over 18 years of coaching Youth Baseball and Basketball in Clark County.


My parents were a great inspiration to me in High School Athletics with their endless support. Over 12 seasons of Football, Basketball, and Baseball they never missed a game and have inspired me to do the same for my kids.

I am very grateful for the great coaching staff at Jackson High School—Jerry Lyons, Jim MacDicken, Dave White, Dick Beachell, Ray Leary, Jim Neff, Mike Clopton, Mike Paul, and others. From them I learned the lifelong lessons of hard work, team work, dedication, accountability, humility, determination, and joy that we all learned from athletics. I have such great memories of the practices, games, and experiences with teammates and coaches.

Mike Clopton was especially inspirational to me as a coach as he mentored me and encouraged me in school and athletics. I have passed on much of what I’ve learned from him as a coach while coaching youth sports over the previous 18 years.

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