Photo of Rory Shortell

Rory ShortellRory Shortell

Photo of Rory Shortell
School: Madison Graduation Year: 1999

Year Inducted: 2019

Sports Played: Basketball, Baseball

High School Honors: 3 Basketball letters.
4 Baseball letters. 1st Team All-PIL as Sophomore, Junior and Senior; 1st Team All-State as Senior, 2nd Team All-PIL as Sophomore, 2nd Team All-State as Sophomore; PIL and State Championships as Sophomore, PIL Championship as Junior and Senior; PIL and State Player of the Year as Senior.

Post High School Career: San Diego State University, NCAA Freshman All-American, 3 Time All-Star Mountain West Conference, 3rd round pick of Houston Astros, 11-year Professional baseball career with 6 A and AA teams, 2011 North American Pitcher of the Year and Champions.


Being part of a community that supported baseball like Madison was a blessing. The value of knowing that the goals and dreams you had, were attainable because of the men who had paved the way before you, as well as the support system that connected one talented young man to the next, cannot be overstated. I am so grateful to have had strong successful men to follow and support me through the years in life that truly shaped my future.

No matter where life leads me, I am always able to think back to when I was a kid and remember how Dave Gasser made me feel with his love and support for the game, and not only HIS players, but every kid in the community that dreamed of being a Madison baseball player. Followed by Jeff Erdman who helped me become a man, while continuing the same passion for community leadership when I got to be a Senator. Even now I think about these men and the example they set, as I try to be the best Father and Husband I can be.

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