Vern Clifford

Vern James Clifford *Vern James Clifford *

Vern Clifford
School: Marshall Graduation Year: 1974

Year Inducted: 2019

Sports Played: Football

High School Honors: 2 Football letters. 1st Team All-PIL Offensive
Tackle as Senior, 2nd Team as Junior, 2nd Team
All-State and Shrine All-Star Team as Senior.

Post High School Career: Master Carpenter. Consulted on and
refurbished antique furniture. Served as a
regular and devoted volunteer at Damascus
Christian School and church where both his
children attended. For many years he designed
and built the stage sets and props they used for
the school’s theater productions.


Vern was the 2nd oldest of 5 boys in his family and as such always knew he had to be the best; if not for himself, at least so that he could set a good example for the others. He was born a type with a strong personality and so from his earliest years his physical strength, talent and love for sports all seem to flow together. His Type A personality, allowed him to be a success in athletics.

He was an inspiration to all of his family members growing up as we watched him take on what seemed like the world to us back then, as a freshman in high school. He had great admiration and respect for his coaches, Hall of Fame staff Darrell Everett and Bill Smethurst who pushed him to the limits to find his full potential. In the fall of his senior year ’73, he helped win the PIL City Championship trophy for Marshall high school and for the 2nd time brought Marshall to its closest opportunity to the OSAA State Football championship — Losing to Medford in the Semi-Final round.

An upsetting loss as it was for all. Several years later his experiences in his 20’s, would take him on to a Portland City flag football league where he played with several Semi-Pro’s for Gordon’s Fire place Shop as a lineman. That inspiration and love for football finally landed an opportunity in the national flag football championship in St. Louis Missouri —1983-84 as he was a part of a great team, representing one of Portland’s finer City league teams.

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