2009 PIL Hall of Fame Celebration of Champions

Spring PIL Awards and Champions Ceremony

2010 Celebration of Champions - program covers

The PIL Hall of Fame honored 20 female and male sportspersons of the year at the Spring Celebration of Champions held in The Tiger Woods Center on the Nike campus Sunday, May 17.

In addition several coaches and an athletic director were honored.

Sportspersons of the year:

  • Benson: Kameron Boggan, Demarkus Davis
  • Cleveland: Brittany Raz, Eric Luna
  • Franklin: Madeline Harper, MacIan Epley
  • Grant: Ivette Dailey-Deaton, Karl Acker
  • Jefferson: Tyrisha Blake, Marlon Miles
  • Lincoln: Betsy Kolberg, Luke Hartwig
  • Madison: Betsy Blees, Danny Danciu
  • Marshall: Emily Enders, Nicholas Pietrzyk
  • Roosevelt: Anthea Vang, Toyota Phomvongkoth
  • Wilson: Erika Chesnutt, Nick O’Donnell

Coaches of the Year (head and assistant):

  • Benson: Linda McClellan, Monty Cataby
  • Cleveland: Olivia Poblacion, Ty Gonrowski
  • Franklin: Gina Aman, Jacob Michaels
  • Grant: Manolis Tjuanakis, Jeff Miles
  • Jefferson: Pat Strickland, Laval Short
  • Lincoln: Billy Merck, Adam Grimes
  • Madison: Ken Duilio, Sean Belveal
  • Marshall: Mollie Starr, Pam Grahn
  • Roosevelt: Robert Key, Rob Johnson
  • Wilson: Kent Dorsey, Jeremy Shetler

Athletic Director of the Year: Scott Santangelo, Franklin.

Paul McCall Coach of the Year for men’s sports: Manolis Tjuanakis, Grant boys soccer.

Marsha Richard Coach of the Year for women’s sports: Mollie Starr, Marshall track and field.

Ron Pheister Assistant Coach of the Year: Jeremy Shetler, Wilson football, wrestling, baseball.

Robert Blanchard Distinguished Outstanding Service Award: Jim Chesnutt, M.D., longtime Wilson team physician and medical director of Oregon Health and Science University’s sports medicine program.