Selection Committee & Nomination Criteria

PIL Hall of Fame Inductees Animated Bozich & Ross

Stan Bozich ~ Benson ~ 1949 (Baseball) / Jerry Ross ~ Cleveland ~ 1952 (Basketball)

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The Portland Interscholastic League Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee is presently accepting nominations for the Fall 2024 Induction Banquet. (Nominations must be received before January 1, 2024.) The nomination form (PDF*) will be delivered to the proper school representative or the committee chairperson to start the process. Please fill in as much information as possible so the selection committee can start its research immediately.
* note, the PDF is 'fillable', but download it first, fill it out, save then you can either print and mail, or email it to us. See our contact page.

Selection Committee

Many thanks to the selection committee:

  • *Bill Ranta, Chair (Benson, 1965)
  • Benson: *Leon McKenzie (1971)
  • Cleveland: *Odis Avritt (1963), Greg Franks (1982)
  • Franklin: *Scott Santangelo (1979)
  • Grant: Jack Cain (1961), *Butch Lumby (1962)
  • Jackson: *Kent Dorsey (1978)
  • Jefferson: Murray Todd (1972)
  • Lincoln: Jeff Peeler
  • Madison: *Bill Booth (1976)
  • Marshall: *Ken Trapp (Coach/Madison grad, 1960s)
  • Roosevelt: *Ed deFreitas (1969), *Kerry Biermann (1969)
  • Washington: *Julia Brim-Edwards (1979)
  • Wilson: Mike Nolan

* PIL Hall of Fame Member

Nomination Criteria

  • Student-athlete nominees must have received a diploma from a PIL High School.
  • All nominees must have represented a PIL High School as an athlete, coach, athletic director or administrator.
  • The nominee must have been in good standing while a student and must be a citizen in good standing in his or her community at the time of nomination.
  • Induction will be predicated on accomplishments while representing a PIL High School as a student-athlete, coach, athletic director or administrator. However, an individual's athletic accomplishments after graduation may also be taken into consideration in the selection process.
  • A student-athlete becomes eligible for nomination 10 years after the individual's class has graduated. Coaches and athletic directors become eligible for nomination two (2) years after leaving the position(s) that initiated their nomination.
  • Any exception to the above criteria must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations must be presented in writing to the PIL Hall of Fame Nominating Committee using our Printable form. The nomination should be accompanied with documented information about the nominee's accomplishments and honors.
  • Nominations will be accepted for deceased PIL alumni, coaches, and athletic directors.
  • Nominations must be received on or before January 1 of the year of induction.
  • Nominations received after that date will automatically be held over until voting takes place for the proceeding year's induction.
  • At time of nomination, the nomination form must be complete or the potential nominee will not be eligible that year.
  • Each school shall have a set number of nominees as indicated: Benson 5, Cleveland 5, Franklin 5, Grant 5, Jefferson 5, Lincoln 5, Roosevelt 5, Madison 4, Marshall 4, Wilson 4, Jackson 3, Washington 3. All others 1.